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​Are you about to refinance or buy a home?

Are you concerned about the appraisal not coming in high enough to make the loan go through? 

​If so, why would you pay $400, $500 or even up to $1,000 for the upfront cost of the appraisal before you had an idea if your home was worth the value.

Northwest Desktop Appraisals was founded to provide homeowners/borrowers with real estate appraisals done by a Washington State Certified Real Estate Appraiser at a low cost. These desktop appraisals will help the homeowner/borrower in two ways:

  • Will provide the homeowner/borrower with a value of their property so that they may determine if moving forward with the loan or purchase is the right decision.

  • If you move forward with the loan and the appraisal ordered by the lender does not come up to the value needed for the loan to go through, you may submit our desktop residential home appraisal to the lender with a request for a reconsideration of value.

Simply put, we are your limited appraisal advocate through the entire process. We don't want you to pay the cost of the lenders appraisal for no reason.

It's Simple as 1-2-3
1) Click order appraisal
2) Fill out the easy information form about the home. Any remodels, the condition of the home, the value you believe your home may be worth (if you have an opinion), etc...
3) Pay with Visa/MasterCard

Then, usually within 24 hours, you will receive your desktop appraisal and the opinion of value determined by one of our certified appraisers. 

Welcome to Northwest Desktop Appraisals!

Interested in a Desktop Appraisal?